September 30, 2022

Coastal Bend College

The latest official news from CBC!

Coastal Bend College Re-opens to the Public

To all students and the Coastal Bend College Community,

All Coastal Bend College sites  are officially open to the public. When on campus, a facemask is required at all times when inside any building and when outside if you are not able to maintain social distancing (six feet apart).

As mentioned in a previous message, we have modified our delivery of instruction in the following manner:

· All Coastal Bend College courses have a Blackboard course shell. Delivery of courses will be facilitated through your Blackboard courses.

· Online courses will be delivered in the online environment as scheduled.

· Face-to-Face move to remote learning

o All lectures and labs will be taught through distance learning utilizing video conferencing technology. This will allow more personalized attention and interaction with the instructor. The instructor will present their lectures and labs as normally scheduled, but instruction will be delivered remotely through video conferencing. Students will login to the video sessions to attend the class and interact with the instructor through Blackboard. This will allow the College to provide the quality instruction students expect and deserve while maintaining social distancing for faculty and students. Blackboard login is explained in the New Student Orientation course.

· Career and Technical Education Courses

o Lectures will be taught through distance learning utilizing video conferencing technology as stated above. The lab component will be taught on-site utilizing full COVID protocol as established by the CDC. For example, a welding class lecture would be delivered through video conferencing, but the lab would be taught on-site at CBC to ensure proficiency in the skills necessary for that subject area.

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