30 Years of service

Recognized for 30 years of service to Coastal Bend College are, from left, Amador Ramirez (Beeville Campus), Jayne Duryea (Beeville Campus) and Robert Roberts (Beeville Campus).

20 Years of service

Recognized for 20 years of service to the college are, from left, Jovita Trevino (Beeville Campus), David Sullivan (Alice Campus), Norma Trevino (Beeville Campus), Edward Rojas (Beeville Campus), Josephine Schuenemann (Alice Campus), and, not pictured, Wayne Slingerland (Beeville Campus) and Ta-ah Treadwell (Beeville Campus).

15 Years of service

Coastal Bend College employees recognized for 15 years of service are, from left, Richard Cowart (Alice Campus), Sarah Milnarich (Beeville Campus), Lillian Garza (Beeville Campus), Robert Cantu (Beeville Campus), Evelyn Cook (Beeville Campus) and, not pictured, Angelica Rea (Beeville Campus).

10 Years of service

Celebrating 10 years of service are Coastal Bend College employees, from left, Xiao Li “Mary” Ma (Pleasanton Campus), Jeffrey Massengill (Beeville Campus), Sylvia Martinez (Kingsville Campus), Mildred Powell (Beeville Campus), Jose Marquez (Alice Campus), Mary Gutierrez (Kingsville Campus), Ryan Franco (Beeville Campus), Rita Schimelpfening (Pleasanton Campus), and, not pictured, Mary Diane Addison (Beeville Campus), Sulema Caballero (Pleasanton Campus), Thomas Camacho (Beeville Campus), Gloria Garza (Beeville Campus), Pauletta Gomez (Beeville Campus), and Thelma Oliver (Beeville Campus).