CBC’s TRI­­­O Upward Bound Program now accepting new students

Headline: CBC’s TRI­­­O Upward Bound Program now accepting new students

The TRIO Upward Bound (UB) and Upward Bound GOST (George West, Odem, Sinton and Taft) programs at the Coastal Bend College (CBC) Beeville campus are now accepting applications for the 2016-2017 academic year. UB and UB GOST are college prep programs that are designed to assist high school students who are from economically disadvantaged backgrounds and/or first generation college students. As a part of a federally funded grant, participating in the UB programs comes at no cost to the student.

CBC’s UB programs provide students with the support that is necessary to pursue and complete a higher education. The programs also provide a number of services that will assist students in college readiness including academic/financial aid advising, educational field trips, tutoring, educational/cultural workshops, college admissions assistance, college entrance exam preparation, scholarship assistance and career exploration.

The programs generally meet on Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the CBC Beeville campus throughout the academic year (September through May). Saturdays are filled with academic enrichment courses, tutoring, educational field trips and volunteer opportunities. Additionally, UB’s academic advisors will also make frequent visits to each student’s respective school to provide one-on-one counseling guidance.

Students also have the opportunity to participate in a six-week long stay at CBC Beeville’s Benton Hall dormitory. This summer component provides program participants with a glimpse into college life by living at the dorms and taking dual enrollment courses. During their stay, students have the opportunity to participate in cultural events and enrichment activities.

After the successful completion of high school, qualifying UB students enroll at CBC for their first semester of college. UB students receive tutoring services as well as advising from UB program advisors.

The UB program at CBC Beeville serves 85 students per academic year from the following high schools: Beeville, Mathis, Pettus and Skidmore-Tynan. CBC’s UB GOST program serves 50 students per academic year from the following high schools: George West, Odem, Sinton and Taft. Interested high school freshmen and sophomores should be sure to fill out an application for the program(s) as soon as possible. The UB application is currently available online at www.coastalbend.edu/ub.

For more information about CBC’s UB program, please contact CBC UB’s Project Director Cheryl Baird at 361-354-2716 or via email at cheryl@coastalbend.edu.

CBC’s Talent Search programs renewed for 2016 year

Headline: CBC’s Talent Search programs renewed for 2016 year

The Talent Search TRIO programs located at the Coastal Bend College (CBC) Beeville campus and Alice site have been renewed by the U. S. Department of Education through 2016. CBC’s Talent Search program in Beeville has been fully funded for $306,752 annually, and the Talent Search program in Alice has been funded with an annual budget of $230,000.

The CBC Beeville Talent Search program has been serving Bee County and the surrounding areas since 1976 and provides services to 671 students annually from the following local high schools:

  • A.C. Jones High School
  • George West High School
  • Karnes City High School
  • Kenedy High School
  • Mathis High School
  • Odem High School
  • Pettus High School
  • Refugio High School
  • Runge High School
  • Skidmore-Tynan High School
  • Taft High School
  • Three Rivers High School

The CBC Alice Talent Search program has been in existence at CBC since 2006 and currently serves 625 students annually from high schools in the surrounding areas including:

  • Alice High School
  • Falfurrias High School
  • Premont High School
  • Benavides High School
  • Freer High School
  • San Diego High School
  • Orange Grove High School

The Talent Search program is designed to provide academic and personal assistance to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Low income, first generation and disabled students are all eligible for Talent Search services. Students who participate in the program receive a variety of services free-of-charge including academic, career and financial aid counseling, tutoring and scholarship assistance.

All high school students who are members of the program are provided with a Talent Search counselor who encourages and provides tools to help students successfully graduate from high school and enroll in a college or university. The program’s overall goal is to increase the number of high school and college graduates who are from disadvantaged or low-income backgrounds.

Individuals who would like more information about the Talent Search programs should contact the Talent Search Beeville Office via phone at (361) 354-2706 or the Talent Search Alice Office via phone at (361) 664-2981 ext. 3081. For more information about the TRIO programs that are available at CBC, please visit www.coastalbend.edu/TRiO/.

CBC Beeville hosts annual TRiO Day Celebration

Headline: CBC Beeville hosts annual TRiO Day Celebration 

Sub headline: Eric M. Walker named 2015 TRiO Achiever of the Year

The Coastal Bend College (CBC) Beeville campus TRiO Programs hosted their annual TRiO Day celebration on Friday, February 27, 2015. Those who were in attendance participated in a CBC College Fair, which showcased all of the programs that CBC has to offer, and also experienced an uplifting performance from the Positive Force Tour by motivational speaker Dr. Patsy Torres.

Each year CBC Beeville TRiO Programs recognize one outstanding individual to receive the honor of TRiO Achiever of the Year. This honor is given to a former TRiO student who has successfully graduated from college and is now a productive member of their community.

The 2015 TRiO Achiever of the Year is Eric M. Walker, a former TRiO Student Support Services (SSS) student from 2004-2006.  Walker is currently employed as a math tutor for CBC’s Student Success Center and the TRiO SSS program. He attended CBC and later went on to transfer to Texas A&M – Kingsville where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Walker plans to attend graduate school where he will begin pursuing a master’s degree in mathematics. Upon completion of the program he plans on becoming a mathematics instructor for a college or university.

“I am grateful for TRiO SSS because they helped pave the way for my college success,” said Walker. “Without TRiO I wouldn’t have been able to attend my dream college or afford furthering my college education. TRiO SSS is more than a program— they are a community that will do whatever it takes to get you to succeed during and after college.”

The CBC TRiO Programs also recognized students who continue to exhibit commitment and enthusiasm for the program. Each of these students continue to meet all of the requirements that are required of them including participating in cultural enrichment activities, meeting with their program advisors and exceling in their coursework.

Educational Talent Search (ETS) provides services to 671 high school students in grades nine through 12.  This program is geared toward providing high school students with the tools that are necessary for beginning their higher education journey.

Students who were honored with the Outstanding TRiO Participant Award for ETS include Esperanza Martinez from Kenedy High School, Ramirez Flores from Runge High School, Destiny Gutierrez from Skidmore-Tynan High School and Anissa Alvarez from Three Rivers High School.

Upward Bound (UB) and Upward Bound G.O.S.T.  currently assist 135 high school students in grades nine through 12. This program provides high school students with the support and opportunities they will need in order to be successful in their pursuit of a higher education.

Students who were awarded the Outstanding TRiO Participant Award for the UB and UB G.O.S.T program include Araceli Medrano from Mathis High School, Jerald Cisneros from A. C. Jones High School, Oscar Castillo from Odem High School and Alejandro Lopez Jr. from Odem High School.

SSS currently serves 204 CBC students. This program provides students with knowledge and exposure to the variety of options that they will be able to take advantage of upon completion of their associate’s degree or certificate program. SSS also encourages participants to continue on with their higher education journey by completing undergraduate (bachelor degree) programs in their field of study.

Students who were honored with the Outstanding TRiO SSS Participant Award include CBC Beeville’s Shan Liu and Jared Landreth.

For more information about the TRiO programs that are offered at CBC please visit, www.coastalbend.edu/TRiO/. If you would like to speak with one of the four programs directly please contact the ETS office via phone at (361) 354-2706, the U.B. office via phone at (361) 354-2715, the U.B. G.O.S.T. office via phone at (361) 354-2746, or the SSS office via phone at (361) 354-2722.

CBC Alice Site to host TRiO Day

Headline: CBC Alice Site to host TRiO Day

Sub headline: Two 2015 TRiO Outstanding Students to be announced

The TRiO Educational Talent Search Program will celebrate TRiO Day on Friday, Jan. 30 beginning with registration at 8:30 a.m. at the Coastal Bend College (CBC) – Alice Site. TRiO Day will conduct concurrent sessions that highlight college and career readiness topics for all high school students who attend. Two students will also be recognized at the event as the 2015 TRiO Outstanding Students.

TRiO Day is an annual nationwide celebration that recognizes the value of programs such as TRiO. The celebration takes place to commemorate the positive impact that TRiO has on its students and to reflect on the higher education opportunities that are created through the program.

This program creates accessibility of higher education for disadvantaged high school students throughout the area. Through TRiO, CBC proudly offers the Educational Talent Search (ETS) program. ETS is a program that identifies and assists students who have the desire to pursue a higher education. The program offers students financial, academic and career counseling. ETS also encourages high school students, who are in the program, to graduate from high school and continue on to complete their higher education.

ETS counselors aid students in pursuing a higher education and provide guidance through the application process for their secondary education. The overall goal of ETS is to increase the number of high school and higher education graduations of youth who are from disadvantaged backgrounds.

With an annual award of $ 230,000, the Educational Talent Search program at the CBC Alice Site proudly serves high school students from Alice, Benavides, Falfurrias, Freer, Orange Grove, Premont and San Diego.

If you would like more information, please contact the Educational Talent Search Program via phone at 361-664-2981 ext. 3081 or via email at josiels@coastalbend.edu.

Arismendez named Interim Director for CBC Alice site

DeeDee_Press ReleaseHeadline: Arismendez named Interim Director for CBC Alice site

Coastal Bend College (CBC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Omedi “Dee Dee” Arismendez as the interim director for the CBC Alice site. As the interim director, Arismendez will manage operations at the CBC Alice site, as well as ensure that CBC has an active presence in Alice and Jim Wells County. Her over two decades of customer service and higher education experience will be an asset to CBC staff, students and community members.

Arismendez is a native of Alice who graduated from Alice High School. After graduation she pursued higher education at Bee County College where she received her Associate in Applied Science. She later transferred to Texas A & M – Kingsville where she received a Bachelor of Applied Sciences. For the last eight years, Arismendez has worked with the TRiO Educational Talent Search program at the CBC Alice site helping high school students prepare for college.

Her dedication to the Alice community is evident through her legacy of volunteering her time and talents to various local organizations. She is actively involved with the Alice Rotary Club of America, Alice Chamber of Commerce, Jim Wells County Fair Association, American Cancer Association and the V. F. W. Ladies Auxiliary 1760. Within each of these organizations, she has held various leadership positions including president elect, ambassador, board of director and chairperson.

Through her own educational and career journey, she has learned the pivotal role and duty that an higher education institution has in the community, and she is dedicated to making higher education at CBC accessible to everyone. As the newly appointed director for the Alice site, Arismendez will continue to foster CBC’s student success centered learning environment by ensuring quality experiences for all visitors to the site.

“I am honored to have this opportunity to serve as the Interim Director for the CBC Alice Site. I am looking forward to continuing working with CBC Alice staff, students and community members. Our students end up being a part of our growing workforce and economy in Jim Wells County, and I’m here to ensure they succeed every step of the way.”

To contact Arismendez, please visit the CBC Alice site located at 704 Coyote Trail, or contact her via email at deedeea@coastalbend.edu or via phone at (361) 664-2981 ext. 3030.