May 29, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Coastal Bend College offers the Associate of Arts Degree; the Associate of Science Degree; the Associate of Applied Science Degree, Certificates of Achievement in specialized workforce education fields, workforce certificates, career foundation core certificates, continuing education, and cccupational skills award.

The Associate of Arts Degree is designed for students planning to transfer to senior colleges or universities, or for those seeking general education offered by the first two years of college. The curriculum provides the foundation of a liberal arts education drawn from humanities, fine arts and sciences. The Associate of Science Degree is also designed for transfer students, but the curriculum permits more specialization than that of the Associate of Arts Degree. Workforce classes cannot count as electives for academic degrees.

Students enrolled in workforce education programs must have declared program majors toward Associate of Applied Science Degrees or workforce certificates. The Associate of Applied Science Degree is awarded for successful completion of a two-year prescribed workforce education curriculum.

Degrees Available