September 30, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Coastal Bend College Introduces New Class A Truck Driver (CDL) Training Course

BEEVILLE – Coastal Bend College (CBC) is proud to announce the upcoming schedule for the Class A Truck Driver (CDL) Training Course at all CBC locations.  The course features a comprehensive training curriculum that covers all essential aspects of obtaining a Class-A Tractor-Trailer Certification. Students will receive in-depth instruction on vehicle inspections, defensive driving, range maneuvers, motor carrier safety regulations, trip planning, cargo handling, size/weight laws, general maintenance procedures, hours of service, and accident prevention.

The program is designed to accommodate busy schedules, with two weeks of online instruction, followed by four weeks of hands-on driving experience.  Prospective students should note that spots are limited.  To apply, students must be at least 18 years old and hold a valid Texas driver’s license. Students must also submit a CDL application and must complete a Department of Transportation (DOT) physical examination.  

Class A CDL Schedule:

Beeville CDL Class A:
Online Instruction: 9/11/2023-9/22/2023 Driving Instruction: 9/25/2023-10/26/2023  

Pleasanton CDL Class A: Online Instruction: 10/16/2023-10/27/2023 Driving Instruction: 10/30/2023-12/7/2023

Kingsville CDL Class A: Online Instruction: 12/4/2023-1/5/2024 Driving Instruction: 1/8/2024-2/1/2024  

Alice CDL Class A: Online Instruction: 1/22/2024-2/2/2024 Driving Instruction: 2/5/2024-2/29/2024  

For more information and to apply for the course, please email or call 361-354-2306.

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