November 30, 2022

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The Case for Online Paralegal Training Programs

Paralegals play a vital role in the legal industry. While it’s true that you can enter a paralegal career without any type of certification, there is a lot of evidence pointing to the need for professional paralegal certification. The Certified Paralegal (CP) credential was established by the National Association of Legal Assistants (NALA) in 1976. Further, more than 19,000 professionals in the United States holds this title. Online paralegal training courses allow you to study at your own pace and master the material you need to succeed in the paralegal field.

But how do you balance your career and prepare for certification, and is it worth it? An online course provides a flexible option for working adults who don’t have time to sit in a classroom throughout each week. Keep reading as we present a case for completing an online paralegal training to you prepare for paralegal certification.

Eyewitness Evidence

Paralegal certification is not easy to obtain. It takes dedication to acquire knowledge and study for the exam. You should choose an online course that provides the information you need to succeed as a working paralegal. But how do you know which online training programs are valuable?

Do your research to find out the experiences of past students. Ask the organization offering the course for testimonials or end-of-course comments.

 Documentary Evidence

Documentation is important in the law, and it’s an important part of your education as well. Ensure that any program you pursue, whether it’s a traditional classroom or an online paralegal training course, has instructors with good credentials.

High quality training programs are taught experts. Moreover, learning from someone who has been in your place will better prepare you for a career as a paralegal. Look for an instructor with a law degree, or a high-level teaching certification, or who has worked in the legal profession for some time.

Scientific Evidence

Evidence shows that earning a paralegal certification could mean a higher salary. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the national salary average for paralegals is $49,500.

NALA, the certifying body for the Certified Paralegal (CP) designation, reports that paralegals make an average of $61,671 annually. This evidence shows that a CP designation can help you command a higher salary as you gain experience.

 Corroborating Evidence

There is consistent proof in national surveys that the Certified Paralegal (CP) credential is used as a credible way to assess potential paralegal employees. The CP credential has been recognized by several prominent legal organizations, such as the American Bar Association, and more than 47 legal assistant associations and bar organizations.

 Circumstantial Evidence

Since the Certified Paralegal credential was first introduced, over 28,000 people have obtained it. NALA membership has continued to climb after introduction of the CP credential. Currently, membership stands at over 7,000 people nationwide. These members work together to advance the paralegal profession by completing continuing education to maintain their certification.

Of these members, 70 percent have been in the organization more than 3 years. In addition, 96 percent say that they will renew their membership. So, the paralegal professional continues to grow and with it the number of certified professionals.

If you want to set yourself apart, earning a Certified Paralegal credential is a great way to do it. An online paralegal training program will allow you to work toward paralegal certification as it fits your schedule. Get the education you need as well as valuable preparation for the Certified Paralegal exam. You want to get into the paralegal profession, so you need to learn from experts in an online paralegal certification class with proven success.

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