December 2, 2022

Coastal Bend College

The latest official news from CBC!

TutorMe Available Free to All CBC Students

        Coastal Bend College is committed to student success for all CBC students and is providing online tutoring to students through TutorMe, a third party service. The tutoring is free of charge to students and can be accessed directly through a Blackboard account.

         TutorMe works by having students explain what they need help with, then TutorMe’s smart matching system will connect the student to an online tutor, a real person. The online tutor then provides live 1-on-1 help through the use of a virtual whiteboard, audio/video chat, screen sharing, text editor and more. After the tutoring session is complete, the tutor and student rate each other to maintain the quality of those in the TutorMe quality.

Some benefits of using TutorMe:

  • Online, allowing for social distancing
  • On-demand
  • You can connect with a tutor within a minute, 24/7 for help with a single question or a lesson
    • Help in any subject
  • TutorMe covers over 300 subjects across different academic levels, so there is a tutor that can help regardless of the subject or level
  • Tools you need
    • All the lessons are archived for the student’s convenience and further review.