September 22, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Coastal Bend College Introduces Online Course: ASE Technician Test Preparation

Coastal Bend College has a program that makes it easy to take high-quality, noncredit online courses. Coastal Bend College has partnered with ed2go to offer hundreds of online, instructor-led courses and is pleased to announce the launch of “ASE Technician Test Preparation.”

Participants will learn the required components of automotive service excellence based on each exam.

ASE Technician Test Preparation H1: Gasoline Engines

ASE Technician Test Preparation H2: Diesel Engines

ASE Technician Test Preparation H3: Drive Train

ASE Technician Test Preparation H4: Brakes

ASE Technician Test Preparation H5: Suspension/Steering

ASE Technician Test Preparation H6: Electrical and Electronic Systems

ASE Technician Test Preparation H7: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition

ASE Technician Test Preparation H8: Preventative Maintenance

These test preparations focus on a three-tiered model (practice, standard, and timed testing modes) designed to help students are confident in their knowledge and are comfortable taking a simulated timed exam.  The practice model provides details and question levels with responses for each questions. For each question, there are links to areas with additional videos, animations, and graphics to help with learning. The standard mode removes the ability to go through the questions individually with the additional materials to offer a simulated online test environment. The timed mode simulates the ASE exam to help with comfort for the day of the exam.

This course is part of Coastal Bend College’s growing catalog of more than 300 instructor-facilitated online courses. Through well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students, participants in these courses gain valuable knowledge at their convenience. They have the flexibility to study at their own pace combined with enough structure and support to complete the course. And they can access the classroom 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection.

These courses are self-paced and provide 12 months’ access each. You can purchase each series test preparation individually to focus on what you need.

To learn more, call Coastal Bend College at (361) 354-2768 or go to for more information.