January 31, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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CBC Announces 2019 Associate of Science Graduates

Coastal Bend College (CBC) congratulates summer 2018, fall 2018, and spring 2019 graduates. Graduates from all CBC locations will be honored at the College’s annual commencement ceremonies on Wednesday, May 22 on the CBC Beeville campus. Students who earned a degree in Associate of Science include:

Jade Rene Adams-Sendejar, Corpus Christi

Francheska Victoria Aguino, Houston

Amabely Alanis, Kingsville

Ana Maria Alaniz, Skidmore

Robert Aldape IV, Beeville,**

Ethan Erasmo Aleman, Beeville,*

Erick Aleman, Houston,**

Farrah Anderson, Yukon, OK

Amanda Renee Arden, Orange Grove, Honors, PTK

Jessica Rae Arvizu, George West, High Honors*

Mary Anna Baldeschwiler, Orange Grove,*

Michael Barajas, Mathis

Raquel Barrera, Mathis, PTK,*

Jacqueline Jo Barrera, Alice, Honors

Kayla Lynn Barrientes, San Diego,**

Jessica Bingenheimer, Woodsboro

Aryceli Briones, Beeville

Kyler B Bumstead, Kountze

Charles Edward  Callier lll, Houston

Elsie A Cancino, Sinton

Miranda Liane Cardenas, Beeville

Claudia Elizabeth Carranco, Beeville

Iessa Nicole Casas, San Diego,**

Mireya Mercedes Castellano, Beeville,**

Gabriella Marie Castillo, Alice,**

Max Castillo Jr, San Diego

Stephanie Ann Cavazos, Robstown

Izabella Chapa, Austin

Cyan Chavez, Alice , High Honors, PTK

Janie Chavez, Alice,*

Nicholas Coleman, Alice, Honors, PTK

Adrianna R Colunga, Driscoll

Isabel Nichole Contreras, Beeville,**

Genevie A Cortez, Mathis

Alyssa Nicole Crawford, Charlotte

Caitlin Nicole Cruz, Alice, PTK

Nicole  Cuadra, Puebla City, Highest Honors

Angela G De Los Santos, Orange Grove, Highest Honors

Gabriella Noelle DeLeon, Mathis,*

Michael Dinsdale, Pasadena

Katie Dominguez, Mathis, High Honors, PTK

Ariana Elizondo, Beeville,**

TreyElizabeth  Escamilla, Poteet, Honors*

Savannah Lee Escamilla, Beeville

Vanessa A. Espinosa, Alice, PTK

Victor  Ferraz, Brazil, Honors**

Keisha Nichole Finto, Orange Grove,

Highest Honors, PTK

Meghan Farrah Fischer, Orange Grove

Tiffany Galindo, Kingsville,**

Allison Jae Gamez, Beeville

Cerise Marie Garcia, Beeville,*

Miranda  R.  Garcia, Kingsville,*

Tricia N Garcia, Alice,**

Elissa F Garcia, Alice,**

Johnathan Matthew Garcia,


Enrique X Garcia, San Antonio, High Honors, PTK

Andrew Garcia, Mathis

Celeste N. Garcia, Kingsville

Manuel Garcia, Cangas de Morrazo, SHLE

Lindsay Renee Garibay, Beeville

Roland Marcus Garza, Freer, **

Anthony B Garza, Orange Grove, Honors, PTK

Brandi Lee Garza, Kingsville, PTK

Priscilla I Garza, Kingsville

Camrynne Renae Gomez, Beeville

Daniel M Gonzales, Mathis, Honors, PTK

Jesus Alejandro Gonzales III, Mathis,**

Krystal A.  Gonzalez, Corpus Christi, PTK

Brandon Lee Gonzalez, Alice

Jacqueline Guerra, Alice, High Honors, PTK

Jennifer S Gutierrez, Hebbronville, Honors

Sara Avery Hamblin, Riviera, Highest Honors, PTK

Emiko Hemphill, San Antonio

Teresa Hernandez, Beeville

Kim Christian Holopainen, Lahti, Finland, PTK

Kendall Christine Huff, Riviera, Highest Honors

Royce Hunter, Houston, Honors

Christian Tyler Isenhour, Austin

Cristen Jeannine Jasek, Goliad, Highest Honors, PTK

Sophia E. Jones, Kingsville, High Honors

Kody Lee Kolb, Nederland,**

Ivan Hunter Kotzur, Karnes City

Shyanne Lynne Kowalke, Orange Grove,**

Jared Martin Landreth, Beeville,*

Brooke Lassmann, Alice, High Honors*

Michelle Lazo, San Diego,*

Analis Leal, Mathis, High Honors, PTK

Amadeus Jose Leija, Mathis

Regan Seline Lerma, Agua Dulce

Roslynn Licerio, Beeville,*

Darion Lockett, Brenham, PTK

Jose Adran Loera-Villarreal, Skidmore,**

Esmeralda Lee Lopez, George West, PTK

Noe Lopez, Sinton

Monica Rose Lopez Del Bosque, Mathis, Honors,*

Lyndsey Renee Lozano, Alice

Miranda Maldonado, Beeville

Joshua T Martin, Kenedy, Honors

Halle Danielle Martin, Yorktown

Luis Angel Martinez, Kingsville, High Honors, PTK

Jennifer Martinez, Sinton, High Honors, PTK, SHLE

Jessica Marisela  Martinez, San Antonio, PTK

Heather Nichole Matheny, Alice

Brianna Alexis Medina, Orange Grove

Samantha Medina-Quintero, Kingsville

Marcos Enrique Medrano, Mathis,*

Myah Rae Medrano, Kingsville,**

Joshua Mendez, Corpus Christi

Cano J Mendietta, Kingsville, Honors, PTK

Nikki M Mendoza, Alice,**

Cianna Marie Mercado, Mathis

Dylan Tyler Merritt, Beeville, Honors, PTK

Esteban Meza, Kingsville

Alexis Michelle Miles, Mathis,**

Delilah I Monge, Alice

Amilcar J Montanez, Puerto Rico, High Honors

Tierra Moore, Beeville

Joe Anthony Morales-Trevino, Kingsville, High Honors,**

Ashley N Morgan, Wasock, Highest Honors, PTK

Megan Mungia, Beeville

Gary Austin Munoz, Bishop

Jessica Renee Munoz, George West

Knight Newcomb, The Woodlands, Honors

Y Quynh Nhu Nguyen, Vietnam, Highest Honors, PTK

Misty Nienhouse, Beeville

Monserrat Nino, Tynan, Highest Honors, PTK

Ross O’Connor, Welford, Ireland, SHLE

Brianna Olivares, Skidmore

Teresa M Olivares Trevino, Beeville,**

Annette Nicol Otero Otero, Kingsville, PTK

Brian K Payton, Houston

Blanca E Padilla, Robstown

Monica Marie Paiz, Seguin,**

Brock Paris, Refugio, PTK

Adrian Pena II, Banquete, High Honors*

Tarah Perales, San Diego

Amy Nichole Perez, Corpus Christi,**

Jennifer Lee Perez, George West

Aaron Joseph Puente, Beeville

Roxanne R Ramirez, Alice,**

Samantha Foubert Ramirez, Devine

Joseph Ryan Ramos, Alice

Amber Marie Reyes, Poteet,*

Ashley Reyes, Karnes City, Highest Honors

Bryan Dale Reyna, Beeville

Christopher Ray Rios, Alice, Honors, PTK

Zachariah Rivera, Orange Grove

Keira Lynn Robinson, Karnes City, Highest Honors, PTK

Elena Marie Robles, Mathis, PTK

Aleyda B Rodriguez, Bishop, Highest Honors,*

Cydney Ann Rodriguez, Karnes City,*

Faith Elizabeth Rodriguez, Goliad, Honors

Amber Denae Rodriguez, Alice

Joshua Anthony Rodriguez, Beeville

Mario Rodriguez III, San Diego

Keeley Marie Rogers, Mathis, Honors,**

Vanessa Rojas, Beeville

Jaylynn Rosenbaum Rodriguez, Mathis

Hunter Douglas Rouse, Alice, PTK

Jacob Albert  Salinas, Alice,*

Nicole Salinas, Freer, PTK

Melissa Erika Salinas, Mathis

Braden Scott Shields, Austin,*

Nathaniel Smith, George West,**

Naomi Amber Smithwick, Orange Grove, High Honors,*

Kirstie Soto, Edna, High Honors

Ashley Soto, Edna, Highest Honors

Jon Marc Stillwagon, Kingsville

Amanda Kay Stone, Beeville, Highest Honors,**

John Daniel Sullivan, Alice,*

Carly Thompson, Pleasanton,**

Janelle Tijerina, Alice

Casey Michelle Tislow, Goliad, High Honors, PTK

Benito Torres IV, Alice,**

Eva Marie Torres Martinez, Sinton,*

Katarina Aracely Tovar, Kingsville,*

Phuong Mai Tran, Vietnam, PTK

Joclyn Trevino, Beeville

Cheyenne Upton, George West, PTK

Jeremy Xavier Vidaurri, Mathis, Highest Honors

David Thomas Villagran, Alice, High


Amanda Nicole Villalobos, Pleasanton,**

Savannah Villegas, Corpus Christi

Quan Hoang Minh Vo, Vietnam, Highest Honors, PTK

Cindy Vo, Alice, Honors, PTK

Taylor Jolynn Voelkel, Nordheim, High Honors, PTK

Nenad Vuletic, Belgrade, Russia, Honors

Spencer Wallace, Edmond, Highest Honors

Whitlee Dorothy Josephine Whitlow, Beeville

Tia Angelique Whitman, Banquete, Honors, PTK

Jordan T Wofford, The Woodlands

Calvin Woodson Jr, Houston

Robyn Ashlee Young, Seguin,**

Brandi Nicole Zamora, Refugio

Kylie Lynn Zamzow, Three Rivers

Aimee Danielle Zapata, Kenedy,*

SHLE is a Spanish Honor Society program of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society for two-year colleges. SHLE recognizes the student’s academic excellence and those who excel in the Spanish Language and Hispanic Culture.

PTK is the largest academic honor society in higher education, recognizing the academic excellence of students attending associate degree-granting colleges. Members include diverse individuals who share a common commitment to learning and a proven record of academic success.

Honors are awarded only to those receiving Associate Degrees. The official honors designation, which includes the calculation of the current semester’s grades, will be indicated on the final transcript and diploma.

A student’s GPA is calculated on a 4.0 scale.

3.90     Graduate with Highest Honors

3.70     Graduate with High Honors

3.50     Graduate with Honors

*Summer 2018 Graduate         

** Fall 2018 Graduate

CBC’s Office of Marketing & Public Relations will capture candid and stage photos from each of the commencement ceremonies. The photos will be available for individuals to view and download online at www.facebook.com/coastalbendcollege.

Names listed are based on applications for graduation and do not accurately reflect those who will meet the necessary requirements for graduation for their specific degree/certificate.