December 3, 2021

Coastal Bend College

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CBC Baseball Gives Out First Spirit Award

     Coach Bauerle and CBC Baseball coaches awarded the first ever Spirit Award to Emma Pena, pictured above. Emma Pena is the younger sister of AD Pena and was present at every home game to watch her brother play baseball.

     Emma has down syndrome, but that did not stop her from cheering on her brother and the other baseball players throughout the season and bringing a smile to their face. Getting to know the student-athletes on a personal level has a way of helping understand their mindset and the way they do things. Before a normal scheduled Saturday baseball practice, AD asked Coach Bauerle if he could miss practice in order to cheer his sister on at Special Olympics in Flour Bluff. Coach Bauerle did not hesitate to let him take the day off to cheer her on and make sure she got first, she did.

     When asked about the Spirit Award, Coach Bauerle said, “Every time I saw her, she always had a smile on her face and was always cheering on her brother and the other players. She was always happy and happy to be there. That’s the Spirit Award.”