December 3, 2022

Coastal Bend College

The latest official news from CBC!

     The May 2018 graduates of the Coastal Bend College (CBC) nursing program in Alice were perfect! One hundred percent of the vocational nurse candidates passed the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) on their first attempt – a rare achievement. This comes after having the highest record number of LVN and RN graduates in May.

     The NCLEX national average pass-rate for VNs is 88% (which includes major university nursing programs); some special exam prep courses proudly proclaim 97% pass-rate success. Coastal Bend College Alice’s VN program outshone both in 2018.

     The NCLEX is a thorough, six-hour examination that each state board of nursing uses to test if an individual is prepared to enter the workforce in nursing practice. It must contain at least 85 nursing questions; however, it can include as many as 265 questions. Perfection is a difficult bar to meet, even for accomplished nurses. That every Coastal Bend College VN graduate in Alice passed the NCLEX on their first attempt speaks volumes about the quality education the school provides.

     “It is a great accomplishment for our students because it’s validation that the hard work of our faculty and our student is paying off,” said the Dean of Workforce Training, Julia Garcia.

      “I am so proud to announce that 22 of 22 of my May 2018 graduating class of vocational nursing students passed the rigorous NCLEX and now hold the title of Licensed Vocational Nurse,” said Daniella Medellin, CBC Nursing Instructor. “This adds to the credibility of CBC’s nursing program as being able to produce competent and employable nurses,” added Medellin.