January 31, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Kingsville Cosmetology Students Attend New York International Hair Show

     Seven cosmetology students from Kingsville and their instructor Tomora Gambrell has the opportunity to travel to New York to the International Hair Show. They had a great time listening and watching national presenters in the field of cosmetology present different hair styling techniques.

     “Coming from a small community where the population is a little over four thousand, not many of us here are given the opportunity to experience this once in a lifetime trip to New York City. It was mind-blowing when my instructor asked us if we wanted to have in on this trip to visit an IBC hair show in New York, my thoughts in my head were like ‘NO WAY!’ or ‘is this really going to happen?’. I had not been out of Texas yet and this is the number one place people would dream of going one day” said Alyssa Sosa, a student in the cosmetology program. “Walking inside the hair show amazed me, I went and visited some of the classes they were offering such as hair-coloring, bridal looks, gentleman’s haircuts, etc. After the classes ended I went to go see what I had been waiting to see the ACTION! I saw competitions on clipper cuts, lessons on individual eyelash extensions, giveaways going on, Fusion Hair extensions being applied, there was just so many things I learned from experiencing the most I could, I mean there was just so much going on, I was trying to see and learn everything at one time and I just couldn’t. Being at the International Beauty Show in New York City, was the dream come true.  I had such an amazing time at the IBS hair show in New York.”