September 21, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Headline: CBC Foundation awards CBC Faculty Innovative Teaching Grants

Coastal Bend College (CBC) is committed to enhancing the instruction and learning environment for all students through innovative instruction methods. Several of CBC’s faculty members received extra funding thanks to Innovative Teaching Grants sponsored by the CBC Foundation.

The Foundation would like to congratulate Cynthia Newton, assistant professor of cosmetology; Jarod Bleibdrey, assistant professor of criminal justice and history; Leonard Scott, assistant professor of computer information technology; and Kenneth Nagle, adjunct continuing education instructor, on being selected as the spring 2016 Innovative Teaching Grant recipients.

CBC’s workforce and academic faculty members are eligible to apply for the Innovative Teaching Grant. All submitted grant proposals are reviewed and selected by the CBC Foundation Board of Directors.

Technology in the Classroom/Lab

Cynthia Newton, CBC assistant professor of cosmetology, is redesigning the technological features of the cosmetology classrooms and labs at the CBC Pleasanton location. CBC Pleasanton’s cosmetology program redesign will feature modern technology such as iPads.

The iPads will feature various apps that students may access during class to view the latest nail and hair techniques. Clients who visit CBC Pleasanton’s Cosmetology Salon will now have the opportunity to access a visual aid while they search for their desired service.

Students will also have the opportunity to post their work to social media as well as keep a record of it for their cosmetology portfolio. Posting his or her work to social media will demonstrate each student’s talent as well as build clientele.

In addition, students will also have access to the iPads while they complete Blackboard assignments and practice for the Texas Department of License and Regulations (TDLR) licensure exam.

“This learning tool will increase the success of our students,” Cynthia Newton said. “Utilizing the latest technologies will assist with the recruitment, retention, and completion of CBC Pleasanton’s Cosmetology students.”

Career Realization

Jarod Bleibdrey, CBC assistant professor of criminal justice and history, is utilizing the Bee County Sherriff’s Office and the Beeville Police Department for a job shadowing research project. The job shadowing process will assist 30 students, who are enrolled in CJLE 2420, determine which branch of law enforcement they would like to pursue.

Students will have the opportunity to apply learned information from the textbook and lecture to real life scenarios. The hands on application of the knowledge will prove to be a valuable experience for all students entering an entry-level law enforcement career.

During the job shadowing process, students are responsible for an activity log that they will complete daily. Students must document all calls, events, and disturbances that take place while participating in the job shadowing project.

“By offering the students a true view of the realistic daily routine of law enforcement officers, the students will better understand the occupation and dispel the stereotypical viewpoints,” Jarod Bleibdrey said.

 Augmented/ Virtual Reality 

Leonard Scott, CBC assistant professor of computer information technology, and Kenneth Nagle, CBC continuing education adjunct instructor, have teamed up to create augmented/virtual reality  systems for use in classrooms, orientations, special events, robotic navigation, and hands on virtual labs.

Students who are enrolled in Game Design I, Game Design II, and 3-D Animation will be provided with augmented/virtual reality equipment. This state-of-the-art equipment will provide students with insight on the emerging technologies that are utilized by professionals in the computer information technology industry.

Students will showcase and provide an understanding regarding augmented/ virtual reality by creating demonstration environments.  Overall, the augmented/virtual reality systems will assist students in honing their computer programming and/or game design skills.

For more information regarding the CBC Foundation or the CBC Foundation Innovative Teaching Grant, please contact the CBC Foundation Executive Director, Pete Wyro, at (361) 354-2447 or via email at

CBC Foundation Vice President of Programs Bridget Gayle (from left) presented CBC Assistant Professor of Cosmetology Cindy Newton with an Innovative Teaching Grant for the spring 2016 semester. Also on hand for the check presentation was CBC Foundation Board of Director Mary Jan Jenkins and (far right) CBC Foundation Board of Director Amy Koenning.

ITG_Law Enforcement

The CBC Foundation Vice President of Programs Bridget Gayle (from left) awarded CBC’s Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Jarod Bleibdrey and Bee County Sherriff’s Deputy Jennifer Lopez with an Innovative Teaching Grant for the Criminal Justice Career Realization program. CBC Board of Director Mary Jan Jenkins (far right) and CBC Foundation Board of Director Amy Koenning were also on hand for the Innovative Teaching Grant check presentation.

ITG_Virtual Reality

The CBC Foundation presented CBC Assistant Professor of Computer Information of Technology Leonard Scott (second from left) and CBC Continuing Education Adjunct Instructor Kenneth Nagle with an Innovative Teaching Grant for the spring 2016 semester. CBC Foundation members present for the check presentation include CBC Foundation Vice President of Programs Bridget Gayle (far left) and CBC Foundation Board of Director Mary Jan Jenkins (far right).