CBC joins statewide movement in providing students with Reverse Transfer option

Headline: CBC joins statewide movement in providing students with Reverse Transfer option

In an effort to continue serving South Texas students, Coastal Bend College (CBC) is offering a reverse transfer option through the Texas Reverse Transfer Initiative (TRTI). The TRTI is designed to increase the number of students who receive an associate’s degree from their respective community college after they have transferred to a 4-year institution.

Students who have transferred to a 4-year institution prior to earning their associate’s degree from CBC have the opportunity to submit their official 4-year university/college transcripts for evaluation of their credits. Students who have earned the proper credits to be awarded an associate’s degree will have the degree added onto their permanent transcript record and may apply to have a diploma printed and mailed to them at no cost.

This option will allow many former CBC students to end up with two degrees, an associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree, to help boost their resume and earning potential.

An associate’s degree is regarded as a marketable credential when students are seeking employment. Employers often view an associate’s degree as a student’s commitment to their education and/or workforce based training. Associate’s degrees are also an educational foundation that students are able to build upon with the pursuit and successful completion of a bachelor’s degree.

CBC is committed to ensuring that all students who have transferred on to another institution of higher education receive credit for all of the academic courses they have taken. Students who would like more information about CBC’s reverse transfer process should call (361) 354-2245 or email admissions@coastalbend.edu.

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