December 11, 2023

Coastal Bend College

The latest official news from CBC!

Coastal Bend College (CBC) continues to provide students in Bee County with the opportunity to pursue a higher education. CBC awarded $86,000 in scholarships to over 26 high school seniors from A. C. Jones High School and Skidmore-Tynan High School.

Students, from both high schools, who were in the top 10-percent of their graduating class, received an academic scholarship worth $2,000 ($500 a semester) at CBC. A CBC scholarship was also awarded to students who wish to attend CBC; the scholarship is worth $1,600 ($400 per semester) at CBC.

Both the CBC Academic Scholarship and the CBC Scholarship are renewable for up to four semesters (two years) at any CBC location. The scholarships are renewable each semester as long as the student completes at least 12 credit hours per semester and maintains the appropriate grade point average for their respective scholarship.

Graduates from A. C. Jones High School and Skidmore-Tynan High School who received an academic and/or general scholarship to attend CBC include:
Aylissa Allen
Daniel Alvarez
Angelika Benavidez
Raj Bhakta
John Cirone
Marissa Coronado
Christian Cuellar
Sarah DeLeon
Loren Flores
Stephanie Garcia
Cecilia Gonzales
Maricella Gonzales
Clarissa Ibarra
Alexandria Lara
Tracey Lynes
Marissa Medellin
Kaliana Meineke
Joshua Munoz
Ashley Olivarez
Elias Perez III
Alanis Rodriguez
Lorena Rosales
Hailey Ruiz
Sylvia Sarate
Dominique Vera

A. C. Jones and Skidmore- Tynan students are both considered in-district for CBC. In-district students who attend CBC will save money by not having to pay costly out-of-district fees. CBC’s scholarships will offset the costs of pursuing a higher education for students as well as their families.

Students who attend CBC will have the opportunity to utilize their CBC academic and/or general scholarship as well as financial aid and outside scholarships. For more information about CBC academic and general scholarships, please contact CBC’s Financial Aid Advisor Candy Fuller via phone at (361) 354-2237 or via email at