December 10, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Headline: CBC Dual Enrollment Showcase provides high school students with opportunities

On March 19 at the the Live Oak County Coliseum, 260 high school students from Three Rivers ISD and George West ISD participated in Coastal Bend College’s (CBC) Office of Dual Enrollment’s (ODE) Dual Enrollment Workforce Showcase. This event was provided to high school students free of charge and it showcased CBC’s Certified Nursing Program (CNA), Criminal Justice Program and Oil & Gas Technology Program. Both the nursing and process technology trailers were present at the event and the ODE was able to provide students with valuable information about dual enrollment.

Representatives from CBC’s ODE explained the importance of being a dual enrollment participant. As a dual enrollment participant high school students receive a head start on college courses while they are still enrolled in high school. High schools in the surrounding area partner with CBC to offer courses that will award students college credits that will transfer to most four-year institutions or allow a student to earn a Marketable Skills Achievement Award if the student completes all of the necessary requirements.

Allied Health Coordinator Susie Gaitan presented students with valuable information about the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program that is offered through the dual enrollment program at high schools in the surrounding area. CBC’s mobile nursing lab was on hand to demonstrate some of the hands-on work that students would be able to perform with nursing simulation equipment.

George Fiegel, Dual Enrollment Oil & Gas Instructor, showcased simulation tools and software programs in CBC’s Process Technology Mobile Lab. He answered questions pertaining to the types of professions that graduates of the program may be able to acquire.

Pleasanton Site Cosmetology Instructor Cindy Newton provided information about the cosmetology program.  Newton demonstrated some of the entry-level techniques that students would learn if they enrolled in the dual enrollment cosmetology program. Students were able to perform the various entry-level techniques, under the supervision of Newton, on mannequins from the cosmetology department.

Director of Technical Instruction Dr. Kevin Behr presented valuable knowledge about the Criminal Justice Program and the various certificated and degrees awarded to students. Dr. Behr also demonstrated a tactical training that law enforcement and criminal justice students are provided with taking program courses.

“George West High School is continually looking for ways to expand its dual enrollment course offerings for its students,” Director of Educational Services for George West ISD Robin Sellman said. “The CBC Dual Enrollment Workforce Showcase was such a positive event that exposed our high school students to potential careers and programs of study. We look forward to working with CBC’s workforce programs and we appreciate CBC’s support of our students.”

For more information about the CBC Office of Dual Enrollment, please contact the Director of Dual Enrollment, Kayla D. Jones, via phone at (361) 354-2714 or via email at  If you would like to have CBC’s mobile labs showcased at your campus, please contact Dr. Kevin Behr, Director of Technical Instruction, via phone at (361) 354-2338 or via email at