September 30, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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CBC Street Team: Meet Samantha

Our last CBC Street Team inductee for the fall 2014 term is Samantha! Though she’s not from Beeville, she got here as fast as she could in order to participate in our women’s volleyball program. Samantha can often be seen around campus hanging out with her friends and being involved in student activities. We’re thrilled she applied to be part of this team because she brings a lot of positive energy to the group. All together, these four young ladies are creating engaging social content that is being seen by hundreds of people. Now, let’s hear from Samantha!

DSC_1324What’s up everybody?

My name is Samantha Thomas, and I am currently a sophomore at Coastal Bend College! I came 230 miles away from the beautiful town of Baytown, Texas where I graduated high school from Baytown Christian Academy! Shout out to the awesome class of 2013! Now, here at CBC, I am an active student athlete. While I am not on the volleyball court, I am studying hard to obtain my degree in Kinesiology. I’ll be graduating in spring 2015…woo! Next year, I plan on attending Texas State University, and eventually pursuing my dream to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist.

My experience at CBC has been amazing. I am very blessed that I have had the opportunity to attend college and further my education. The classroom environment is perfect for anyone of any age. The professors are so willing to work with you, and if one needs any further help, CBC offers free tutoring.

The faculty and staff at CBC will bend over backwards just to help their students be successful. All of the professors here COMPLETELY rock, but one professor that has truly stood out to me is Mr. Mark Secord. This semester, Mr. Secord is my Fundamentals of Nutrition professor and I can honestly say that I have never been so excited to go to class, ever! Even when you would think that discussing the essential nutrients to live, the definition of carbohydrates and proteins, and all that stuff would bore you to tears, he explains and discusses it all in a way that makes you excited to learn more. We also do several class activities that involve the world around us, so we can relate all of the information we learn to our personal lives.

So, Mr. Secord, you da best! Even if you do remind us of Chester V. from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2! 🙂

So, I know many of y’all are wondering why I was interested in the CBC Street Team internship, right? Well, my experience at Coastal Bend College has been an unforgettable one, and before going into some deep research to find two-year colleges with a volleyball program, as well as a Kinesiology program, I had never heard of CBC. I believe that CBC should not just be well known in South Texas, but it should be well-known everywhere! When I saw the application, in my heart, I knew this would be a perfect way to get started and to spread the word about how awesome this school is. While spreading the word, I hope to learn more social media skills and how to improve my communication/ interaction skills. I can’t wait to share my CBC story with everyone—peace out, cougars!