Taft High School artist earns ‘Best of Show’

Beeville, Goliad, Kingsville, Kenedy, Nixon, San Diego, Smiley, Sinton, Taft, Three Rivers and Woodsboro artists compete for honors
Katy Perry by Kati Pina, Best of Show

Katy Perry by Kati Pina, Best of Show

Kati Pina of Taft High School earned Best of Show honors for her entry, “Katy Perry.” Pina’s work was awarded first place for her entry, “Waitress” in the Drawing/Pencil category. Last year, Pina earned first place for her pencil drawing and first place for her colored drawing.

Ten area high schools participated in the annual art competition. The award-winning student work is currently on display in the Simon Michael Art Gallery in Coastal Bend College’s Frank Jostes Visual Arts Building in Beeville. The show will run through March 11. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Some high school art competition winners are offered scholarships to study art at Coastal Bend College.

Other winners and honorable mentions follow.


A.C. Jones High School

Honorable Mention, Megan Harris, Painting –Acrylic, Best Coast Weekends

Honorable Mention, Megan Harris, Painting –Acrylic, Self Portrait-Megan Jewels

H.M. King High School

Tea Time by Sarah Caballero

Tea Time by Sarah Caballero

1st Place, Sarah Caballero, Painting- Oil, Tea Time

1st Place, Seth Elder, Painting –Acrylic, Sunken Memories

Sunken Memories by Seth Elder

Sunken Memories by Seth Elder

1st Place, Marissa King, Painting-Tempera, Summer Days

2nd Place, Debani Hinojosa, Drawing/ Black & White, Elegant Shadows

2nd Place, Luis Marquez, Painting-Tempera, Packing Lunch

2nd Place, Rosario Rodriguez, Painting- Oil, Boot

3rd Place, Michael Herrera, Drawing/Pencil, Basket of Fruit

3rd Place, Debani Hinojosa, Painting- Oil, Fruit

3rd Place, Diksha Sharma, Drawing/ Black & White, Grapes

3rd Place, Diksha Sharna, Colored Drawings, Day & Night

4th Place, Sarah Caballero, Drawing/ Black & White, Still Life

4th Place, Daniel Cerda, Painting- Oil, Blue Bottle

4th Place, Luis Marquez, Drawing/Pencil, Camping

4th Place, Sabrina Mata, Mixed Media, Lion

Honorable Mention, Donny Cantu, Mixed Media, Green Fish

Summer Days by Marissa King

Summer Days by Marissa King

Honorable Mention, Daniel Cerda, Drawing/ Black & White, Profile

Honorable Mention, Mickayla Cervantes, Mixed Media, Seasons

Honorable Mention, Genaro Deleon, Drawing/ Black & White, Bow & Beads

Honorable Mention, John Deleon, Colored Drawings, Wings of Sight

Honorable Mention, Genaro Deleon, Painting –Acrylic, Confused

Honorable Mention, James Garcia, Painting-Tempera, Underwater Darkness

Honorable Mention, Michael Herrera, Painting –Acrylic, Eyes on You

Honorable Mention, Jenika Jefferies, Painting-Oil, Cowboy’s Camp

Honorable Mention, Jenika Jefferies, Painting-Tempera, Flowers

Honorable Mention, Sabrina Mata, Drawing/Black & White, Candle

Honorable Mention, Johnny Moya, Painting-Tempera, Squishy

Honorable Mention, Cecilia Munoz, Colored Drawings, Mr. Roboto

Honorable Mention, Ernesto Perez, Mixed Media, Deer

Honorable Mention, Paul Stroman, Mixed Media, Ram

Goliad High School
1st Place, Tynan Slavik, Painting- Watercolor, Ornith

Orinth by Tynan Slavik

Orinth by Tynan Slavik

2nd Place, Delfino Aguilar, Mixed Media, Cielo Lindo

2nd Place, Kirkland Eggemeyer, Painting- Watercolor, Flower

4th Place, Emily Buhler, Pastel, Peacock Feathers

4th Place, Emily Worley, Painting –Acrylic, Winter’s Lamp Post

Honorable Mention, D’Laci Albrecht, Painting –Acrylic, Kaleidscope

Honorable Mention, Katie Alex, Painting –Acrylic, A Soul’s Travels

Honorable Mention, Erin Baca, Painting –Acrylic, Bird’s  Paradise

Honorable Mention, Belleza Gonzales, Painting –Acrylic, The Cupcake Code

Honorable Mention, Amanda Gruetzmacher, Painting-Tempera, Sisters

Honorable Mention,  Kimberly Higdon, Drawing/Pencil, The Cyborg Rebellion

Honorable Mention, Troy Langlinais, Painting –Acrylic, Knights Templar

Honorable Mention, Amanda Noland, Mixed Media, Dreamer

Honorable Mention, Angelica Perez, Painting –Acrylic, Morning Nature

Honorable Mention, Emily Perez, Painting –Acrylic, Sports Trivia

Honorable Mention, DeLayne Styra, Painting –Acrylic, The Strange Whimsical

Honorable Mention, Jessica Westall, Painting –Acrylic, The Love of Friendship

Honorable Mention, Emily Worley, Painting –Acrylic, The Shoeflower

Honorable Mention, Ashtin Zamzow, Painting –Acrylic, True Love

 Kenedy High School

1st Place, Jordan Eskridge, Mixed Media, Tribal Man

Tribal Man by Jordan Eskridge

Tribal Man by Jordan Eskridge

3rd Place, Tristan Mejia, Painting-Tempera, Chevy

4th Place, Robert Valdez, Painting-Tempera, The Pitch

Honorable Mention, Aaron Castillo, Painting-Tempera, Ride to Nowhere

Honorable Mention, Dillon Christian, Colored Drawings, Bello

Honorable Mention, Dillon Christian, Mixed Media, Bird on a Branch

Honorable Mention, Whyntir Croft, Mixed Media, Bouquet of Flowers

Honorable Mention, Nathan De Los Santos, Painting-Tempera, Crazy Lines

Honorable Mention, Marcos Dehoyos, Colored Drawings, 3 Way in 4

Honorable Mention, Marcos Dehoyos, Mixed Media, Where’s the Bamboo?

Honorable Mention, Jordan Eskridge, Mixed Media, Flowers

Honorable Mention, Paloma Espinoza, Colored Drawings, Rainbow Flower

Honorable Mention, Gabriela Garcia, Mixed Media, Full Moon

Honorable Mention, Javier Hernandez, Painting-Tempera, The Squeeze

Honorable Mention, Tabitha Irwin, Painting –Acrylic, Drowning Rose

Honorable Mention, Tabitha Irwin, Colored Drawings, Behind Blue Eyes

Honorable Mention, Hannah Leal, Mixed Media, The Flower

Honorable Mention, Hannah Leal, Painting-Tempera, Crucifixion

Honorable Mention, Omar Martinez, Mixed Media, Swimming in the Rain

Honorable Mention, Sammy Martinez, Painting-Tempera, Night Stalker

Honorable Mention, Sammy Martinez, Painting-Tempera, Venom

Honorable Mention, Victor Monsevais, Drawing/Pencil, The People’s Village

Honorable Mention, Victor Monsevais, Mixed Media, Still Plant Life

Honorable Mention, Maria Sanchez Ramos, Mixed Media, Study of a Bird

Honorable Mention, Maria Sanchez Ramos, Mixed Media, Flores de Jardin

Honorable Mention, Elena Ramos, Painting-Tempera, American Hero

Honorable Mention, Yolanda Rangel, Drawing/Pencil, Puppies in the Bucket

Honorable Mention, Yolanda Rangel, Painting-Tempera, The Amazing Spiderman

Honorable Mention, Kimberly Reyes, Colored Drawings, X Marks the Spot

Honorable Mention, Lauren Smart, Painting-Tempera, Droplets

Honorable Mention, Lauren Smart, Painting-Tempera, Wonder Woman

Honorable Mention, Kevin Smith, Drawing/Pencil, Green-Eyed Girl

Honorable Mention, Robert Valde, Painting-Tempera, Hero of the Night

Honorable Mention, Megan Villanueva, Drawing/Pencil, Megan #3

Honorable Mention, Megan Villanueva, Painting-Tempera, Between the Lines

Honorable Mention, Eddie Villarreal, Mixed Media. Up, Up, and Away

Nixon-Smiley High School

Honorable Mention, Gabriel Rodriguez, Drawing/Pencil, El Morro de Puerto Rico

San Diego High School

2nd Place, Alexandra Gonzales, Painting- Watercolor, Unknown

3rd Place, Donny Guerra, Three-Dimensional, The Caged Life

3rd Place, Heather Huerta, Drawing/ Black & White, Cow Skull-Moo

3rd Place, Audrey Morin, Collage, My Dream

3rd Place, Glenda Trevino, Colored Drawings, Tiki

4th Place, Joshua Ademar Perez, Three-Dimensional, Winter of the Plum Tree

Honorable Mention, Hector San Miguel, Painting- Watercolor, Art 4 U

Honorable Mention, Erika B. Alvarez, Painting- Watercolor, Maya

Honorable Mention, Richelle De La Paz, Pastel, Will You Flirt with Death

Honorable Mention, Samuel Escalante, Painting- Watercolor, Money

Sinton High School

1st Place, Mary Seleste Schmidt, Collage, The Crab

The Crab by Mary Seleste Schmidt

The Crab by Mary Seleste Schmidt

1st Place, Chris Reyes, Drawing/Ink, In my Head

In My Head by Chris Reyes

In My Head by Chris Reyes

1st Place, Jose Amaya, Three-Dimensional, Dragon

2nd Place, Mariela Estrada, Pastel, Water Lilly

2nd Place, Scott Martinez, Collage, Sports

3rd Place, Amanda Garcia, Pastel, Friendship

3rd Place, Jackie Nunez, Painting –Acrylic, Seven Deadly Sins

Honorable Mention, Nereo Olvera, Drawing/Pencil, #54

Dragon by Jose Amaya

Dragon by Jose Amaya

Taft High School

Best of Show, Kati Pina, Katy Perry

Waitress by Kati Pina

Waitress by Kati Pina

1st Place, Kati Pina, Drawing/Pencil, Waitress

1st Place, Claudia Castillo, Colored Drawings, Katy Perry

1st Place, Julia Cancino, Pastel, All That Jazz

Katy Perry by Claudia Castillo

Katy Perry by Claudia Castillo

2nd Place, Kassandra Aguero, Colored Drawings, Untitled

2nd Place, James Gonzalez, Drawing/Pencil, Tres Generaciones

4th Place, Andy Acosta, Colored Drawings, Color Wheel Portrait

Honorable Mention, Claudia Castillo, Colored Drawings, Selena Gomez

All That Jazz by Julia Cancino

All That Jazz by Julia Cancino

Three Rivers High School

2nd Place, Brittany Shipman, Three-Dimensional, Panda

3rd Place, Dannelle Coentry, Painting-Watercolor, Watercolor

3rd Place, Courtney Whitney, Mixed Media, Broken Touch

4th Place, Hailey Woodward, Painting-Watercolor, Obscurity

Honorable Mention, Chris  Brocks, Mixed Media, Antithetic

Honorable Mention, Maegan Haag, Mixed Media, Music

Honorable Mention, Alex Salinas, Mixed Media, Crazed Hare

Honorable Mention, Robyn White, Mixed Media, The Zebra

Woodsboro High School

Self Portrait by Emily Saunders

Self Portrait by Emily Saunders

1st Place, Emily Saunders, Drawing/ Black & White, Self Portrait

2nd Place, Emily Saunders, Painting –Acrylic, Corpse Bride

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