Texan storyteller Tom McDermott to perform at Coastal Bend College

Coastal Bend College Cultural Arts Committee will present Tom McDermott in a performance on Oct. 21 in the Gertrude R. Jones Fine Arts Auditorium at 7:30 p.m.  Admission is free and open to the public.

 McDermott, a born Texan, has a history rooted in the musical soil of his grandmother’s opera career, twisted by his uncle’s tall tales, and nourished on the Irish lore of his father’s birthplace. McDermott travels the U.S. as a storyteller, guitarist, percussionist, and virtuoso ukuleleist at festivals, conferences and schools.

 His shows address character education, environmental awareness, history and creative writing. A John Henry Faulk Award winner and author with Pelican Publishing, McDermott accompanies his original stories, adapted folktales, myths and Texas lore with humor, participation, and music to create an unparalleled experience for listeners of all ages.

 He plays the guitar, ukulele, drums, theremin and hurdy-gurdy. McDermott’s offering include world folktales, personal stories and humor.


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