Funding Restored for Community Colleges

The four colleges originally defunded in HB 1 now to receive state formula funding

The House Appropriations Committee voted last week to restore state formula funding in HB 1 for Brazosport College, Frank Phillips College, Odessa College and Ranger College. These institutions can now be certain that they will be able to provide services for the more than 12,000 students enrolled. This critical funding means continued dual credit courses for high school juniors and seniors, workforce programs to educate and train students for industry, and arts & community outreach programs at each of the four colleges.

“We are pleased and thankful that, with the leadership of Chairman Jim Pitts, funding for these colleges has been restored,” said Dr. Rey Garcia, President of the Texas Association of Community Colleges (TACC). “These communities can now rest assured that their local colleges will continue to be viable centers of educational opportunities and drivers of regional economies” he continued.

“All community colleges across the state are grateful to Chairman Pitts, and the members of the Appropriations Committee, for working to make sure all 50 community college districts in Texas are funded through the state formula,” said Dr. Richard Rhodes, TACC Chair and President of El Paso Community College.

Community colleges are the largest sector of higher education in Texas enrolling over 735,000 students. Over the past five years enrollment in community colleges has increased 34% or 187,000 students. More than 70% of all freshman in Texas are enrolled at a community college.


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