Kansas high school glass sculptor earns Best of Show

"Purple Pendengo" by Alyssa Canfield, Liberal High School

Coastal Bend College HS Art Competition Best of Show: "Purple Pendengo" by Alyssa Canfield, Liberal High School

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Alyssa Canfield, a Liberal High School (Liberal, Kan.) student, earned top honors for her glass entry “Purple Pendengo.” Her Best of Show piece was one of almost 80 entries into the annual juried high school art competition sponsored by Coastal Bend College.

 Emily Bayouth, also of Liberal High School, earned first and second place for her glass entries, “Orange Julious” and “Red Dwarf,” consecutively.

 Courtney Whitney of Three Rivers High School won first place for her collage entitled, “Branches of a Tree.” Samantha Kenedy, also a Three Rivers High School artist, earned first place for her pastel, “Coral Reef.” Three Rivers High School student Dannelle Gentry was awarded first place for “Colors of the Heart,” a watercolor painting.

  Sinton High School artist, Jackie Nunez earned first place for her acrylic painting “Snowflake.” Seleste Schmidt, also a Sinton High School student, got first place in the Three Dimensional category for “Dream Attack.”

 Kristina Alvarado of A.C. Jones High School in Beeville, submitted the first place entry in the Drawing/Ink category entitled “Private Eyes.” A.C. Jones High School student Chelsea Contreras was awarded first place for her mixed media entry “Bob Dylan.”

 Kati Pina, a Taft High School artist, earned first place for her pencil drawing “Denim” and first place for her colored drawing “Under the Sea.”

 The award-winning student work is currently on display in the Simon Michael Art Gallery in Coastal Bend College’s Frank Jostes Visual Arts Building in Beeville. The show will run through March 10. The gallery is open Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

 Some high school art competition winners are offered scholarships to study art at Coastal Bend College.

Winners sorted by school follow.

 A.C. Jones High School:

  • Mixed Media, First Place: Chelsea Contreras, “Bob Dylan”
  • Drawing/Ink, First Place: Kristina Alvarado, “Private Eyes”
  • Collage, Honorable Mention: Laine I. Luthringer, “The Fox Relief”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Laine I. Luthringer, “Sections of Art”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Kristina Alvarado, “Falling Fruit”

 Kenedy High School:

  • Colored Drawings, Third Place: Erica Rangel, “Fish Pattern”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Third Place: Alyssa Perez, “Fear”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Fourth Place: Alyssa Perez, “Self Portrait”
  • Colored Drawings, Fourth Place: Laurel Vickery, “Spring Flowers”
  • Mixed Media, Fourth Place: Tabatha Irwin, “My Symphony Song”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Priscilla Torres, “Pink and Green Ornaments”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Brittany Gonzales, “Star Struck”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Linda Cortez, “Quilt Pattern”
  • Colored Drawings, Honorable Mention: Linda Cortez, “Study in Abstraction”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Trey Salinas, “Christmas Lamp”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Laurel Vickery, “Violin Impressions”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Parth Patel, “The Drummer”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Reed Bell, “Shoes”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Devyn Schultz, “Electric Guitar”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Miranda Cano, “They Call it Basketball”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Adryana Espinoza, “The Forest Sprite”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Miranda Cano, “Deidra”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Valerie Aquero, “Self-Portrait”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Amanda Clark, “Butterfly in Gray & White”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Cory Perez, “Craig”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Jake Hayrun, “Determination”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Chris Camp, “Samurai”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Jacob Deleon, “Self-Portrait”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Christian Crow, “Tank Force”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Lauren Smart, “Time”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Cody Rodriguez, “The Hospital”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Chelsey Clendennen, “Study of a Tree”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Jacob Deleon, “Breaking Through”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Valerie Aquero, “Fresh Fruit”

 Liberal High School (Liberal, Kan.):

  • Best of Show: Alyssa Canfield, “Purple Pendengo,” Glass
  • Glass, First Place: Emily Bayouth, “Orange Julious”
  • Glass, Second Place: Emily Bayouth, “Red Dwarf”

 San Diego High School:

  • Drawing/Ink, Second Place: Gavino Arredondo, “Untitled”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Second Place: Brittney Soliz, “Still Life”
  • Painting –Acrylic, Second Place: Pedro Ruiz, “China”
  • Painting- Watercolor, Second Place: Dayne Garcia, “Untitled”
  • Drawing/Ink, Third Place: Stephanie Luna, “The Perks of Being a Wildflower”
  • Drawing/Ink, Fourth Place: Stephanie Luna, “All Unquiet Things”
  • Painting –Acrylic, Fourth Place: Pedro Ruiz, “The Hall”

 Sinton High School:

  • Painting –Acrylic, First Place: Jackie Nunez, “Snowflake”
  • Three-Dimensional, First Place: Seleste Schmidt, “Dream Attack”
  • Pastel, Second Place: John Tovar, “Dukes of Sinton”
  • Colored Drawings, Second Place: Jackie Nunez, “Puzzle Pieces”
  • Collage, Third Place: Israel Cancino, “Time Can Steal”
  • Mixed Media, Third Place: Carley Olrich, “Untitled”
  • Painting –Acrylic, Third Place: Demi Lea Garcia, “Bold and in Control”
  • Pastel, Fourth Place: Mariela Estrada, “Love Birds”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Jeremy Reyna, “Confide”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Jamie Pease, “Simplicity”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Ned Olvera, “Next Generation”

 Taft High School:

  • Colored Drawings, First Place: Kati Pina, “Under the Sea”
  • Drawing/Pencil, First Place: Kati Pina, “Denim”
  • Pastel, Third Place: Fletcher Jones, “Metamorphosis”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Juan Olvera, “War in the City”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Kassandra Aquero, “Lazy Day”

 Three River High School:

  • Collage, First Place: Courtney Whitney, “Branches of a Tree”
  • Painting- Watercolor, First Place: Dannelle Gentry, “Colors of the Heart”
  • Pastel, First Place: Samantha Kennedy, “Coral Reef”
  • Mixed Media, Second Place: Hailey Woodward, “Twisted Color”
  • Collage, Second Place: Hali Newman, “Winter Steel”
  • Three-Dimensional, Second Place: Cristina Salinas, “Strength”
  • Three-Dimensional, Third Place: Brittany Shipman, “Max”
  • Painting- Watercolor, Third Place: Phanara Pon, “Soul Reaper”
  • Collage, Fourth Place: Garratt Wieding, “Crazy”
  • Three-Dimensional, Fourth Place: Alex Salinas, “Carnival”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Tyler Pullin, “Breaking Free”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Maegan Haag, “Acting Crazy”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Rebecca Ruiz, “Confetti Bride”
  • Three-Dimensional, Honorable Mention: Jacob Muniz, “Rex”
  • Mixed Media, Honorable Mention: Brittany Hernandez, “Dead Romance”
  • Drawing/Pencil, Honorable Mention: Travis Smith, “Exposed”

 For more information about the Simon Michael Art Gallery at Coastal Bend College, contact Jayne Duryea at (361) 354-2322 or duryeaj@coastalbend.edu.


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