World record attempt in Alice planned

Join Coastal Bend College in organizing a Guinness World RecordTM for Largest Mariachi Ensemble

 Help bring the record to South Texas during our 9th Annual Dia Del Mariachi™ Vocal and Group Competition to be held on Saturday, April 16, 2011 at Alice High School, located at 1 Coyote Trail in Alice. 

 The mission of Dia Del Mariachi™ is to strive for Mariachi music excellence; develop young leaders with Hispanic cultural understanding; inspire a spirit of pride and unity in the people and communities of South Texas; and to introduce everyone to Coastal Bend College’s educational opportunities. 

 The Guinness World RecordTM attempt is open to all Mariachi musicians – student or professional — with the following stipulations: (1) participants must proficiently play an instrument, preferably a violin, trumpet, Spanish guitar, Vihuela or Guitarrón; and (2) participants must be in full Mariachi attire including sombrero.

 For more rules and information, log on to or contact Juan Jose Sanchez at (361) 664-2981 Ext. 3042 or by e-mail:


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