September 30, 2023

Coastal Bend College

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Dorm burglary results in damage, stolen property

 Coastal Bend College experienced a break-in at Benton Hall on the Beeville campus last weekend. The incident involved damage to several dorm rooms and the theft of items valued at more than $1,500. Local police responded quickly to calls from dorm residents who reported that their windows had been broken and some of their personal property was missing. Beeville police have recovered much of the property already, according to newspaper accounts of the crime.

 The burglary was a single incident involving multiple rooms. “This is not indicative of a major security issue. We’ve had very few criminal incidents over the years,” Coastal Bend College President Dr. Thomas Baynum explained. The college keeps track of criminal incidents by campus. Crime statistics are available through the Department of Education.

    “We don’t make public the schedules of security personnel, for obvious reasons,” Baynum said. The college’s security system is in line with that of other colleges in the state. The college works closely with local law enforcement as part of that security system.The college uses security guards, cameras and other mechanisms to ensure that students are safe at all times.