Arnold keeps Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees Place 2

Doug Arnold, a longtime educator and advocate for small and rural school districts, defeated Beeville lawyer Sid Arismendez for Place 2 on the Coastal Bend College Board of Trustees. Arnold was appointed to the seat last year to fill the unexpired term of Dr. Grady C. “Sam” Hogue. He faced Arismendez in the only opposed seat. Emilia Dominguez (Place 5); Victor Gomez (Place 4) and Laura Fischer (Place 7) ran unopposed for their seats.

Arnold started his career in Pawnee as a high school teacher and principal of the elementary school. He was named Conservation Teacher of the Year, representing Bee County. He was later principal of Pawnee High School. He went on to serve as Pawnee Independent School District Superintendent from 1973 to 1994 and Orange Grove ISD Superintendent from 1994 to 2002. He was named Region 2 Superintendent of the Year. Today, Arnold is as a school finance consultant for the Region 2 Education Service Center in Corpus Christi.

 He is a graduate of Texas A&I University in Kingsville, where he earned bachelors and masters degrees and superintendent certification. For six years, Arnold served as director of the Equity Center, an advocacy group that represents the interests of low and mid-wealth school districts. He served as director of Texas Association of Community Schools, a group that represents small, mid-sized and rural school districts in Texas, for three years. Arnold is an Honorary Membership Texas Association of School Administrators.

Other election results follow.


Place 4: Victor Gomez, a nurse manager, ran unopposed for the seat he was appointed to earlier this year, left unexpired by Fred Morón.
Place 5: Emilia Dominguez ran unopposed for the seat she has held since 1998.


Place 7: Laura Fischer, a former Beeville Independent School District board member, ran unopposed for the seat she was appointed to in 2008, left unexpired by R.W. “Bill” Dirks.

Arismendez     81 (12%)

Arnold             602 (88%)

Gomez             428

Dominguez      440

Fischer             478


The breakdown by polling place follows.


Early Voting:

Arismendez     14

Arnold             311

Gomez             224

Dominguez      229

Fischer             255



Arismendez     45

Arnold             154

Gomez             123

Dominguez      128

Fischer             136



Arismendez     8

Arnold             23

Gomez             17

Dominguez      17

Fischer             18



Arismendez     0

Arnold             77

Gomez             38

Dominguez      38

Fischer             41


Arismendez     14

Arnold             37

Gomez             26

Dominguez      28

Fischer             28


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