Meningitis vaccination required for dorm, apartment students

 Coastal Bend College has updated its policy on Bacterial Meningitis vaccination in accordance with recent changes to the Texas Education Code. All students new to CBC, residing in on-campus dorms and apartments, are now required to show proof of vaccination at least ten days prior to taking up residence on campus. This includes first-time freshman and transfer students.  

 Exclusions from compliance are allowable on an individual basis for medical contraindications, or reasons of conscience, including a religious belief.  A conscientious exemption form from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) must be used.  DSHS has five days from the date they receive the requests to process and mail out the form. However, it may take a student up to two weeks to receive the forms. The forms would then need to be completed, notarized and provided to the designated school official prior to the student taking up residence. For more information, please refer to

 Bacterial Meningitis is transmitted when people exchange saliva (such as by kissing, or by sharing drinking containers, utensils, cigarettes and toothbrushes) or come in contact with respiratory or throat secretions.

 The possible consequences of the disease include death, coma, permanent brain damage, kidney failure, learning disability, hearing loss, blindness, gangrene and convulsions.

 Vaccinations take up to ten days to become effective; protection lasts up three to five years.

 For more information on Coastal Bend College policy on communicable diseases, please contact Roxanne Aguirre, Student Life Coordinator, at (361) 354-2721 or


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