New leadership class to start this spring

Whether they are in social groups, government, business, educational institutions or faith-based organizations, leaders are a key factor in the success of Texas communities. Leaders help groups create vision and see large and small projects to fruition. They are vital to the future of Texas communities.

 “Rural communities are in a unique and tenuous position. There are an abundance of leadership roles to fill and never enough leaders to fill them,” said Adrian Jackson, Leadership Bee County board president. “This is not an unusual problem. Leadership Bee County was created to address it.”

 Leadership Bee County partners with Coastal Bend College to bring rural leadership classes to Bee, Live Oak and Refugio Counties. Classes are on the first Friday of each month, starting this spring.  

 Qualified instructors and facilitators lead sessions where participants discuss topics dealing with corporate and community leadership. These include styles, ethics, communication, motivational techniques, facilitation, conflict management, networking, team building, data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. Graduates of the program become resources within the community and possess the skills necessary to be effective leaders.

 Participants develop critical thinking, public speaking, visioning and other high demand skills inherent in successful leaders. They can apply these skills to work and volunteer leadership positions. As participants progress through the course, they develop personal workplace and community leadership skills using a combination of readings, activities, exercises and real-world case studies. Course participants make connections in Bee County businesses, non-profit agencies and governments, and learn to use those local resources to accomplish community-minded goals.

 “You need only look as far as the library, hospital, college and county government for Leadership grads. Many Leadership Bee County alumni work or volunteer in our schools, churches and service agencies,” Jackson said. “I, too, am a graduate of Leadership Bee County.”

 If you would like more information about Leadership Bee County and the upcoming leadership development program, please contact Glynis Holm Strause, Continuing Education, Coastal Bend College, at or (361) 362-2633.


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