CBC students take UT Austin campus tour

Coastal Bend College TRiO Student Support Services students recently toured the University of Texas at Austin. The group of 31 students, accompanied by Jeri Morton, CBC TRiO SSS Project Director; Sylvia Lopez, CBC TRiO SSS Secretary; Amy Gonzales CBC TRiO Administrative Assistant, attended an information session that focused on transfer eligibility requirements for UT, including academic core compone

TRiO SSS group photo

TRiO SSS students take tour of University of Texas at Austin

nts; academic advising with faculty in their major; financial aid assistance through the business office; scholarships, grants and student life.

 Students were given a guided walking tour of the campus and those who plan to transfer next fall were given time to individually visit the advising and student services offices.

 TRiO SSS is a federally-funded, nationwide program for college students. CBC receives an annual award of $267,986 to facilitate the program on campus. SSS provides services to 215 college students at Coastal Bend College. Participants receive tutoring, counseling, remedial instruction and numerous other services that help them succeed in college. 

 CBC TRiO SSS staff takes students on several tours throughout the year to state universities to encourage them to transfer and continue to earn college degrees.


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